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Barn Sketch 1964

History in the making...

The Barn Dinner Theatre franchise was conceived in the 1960s by Howard D. Wolfe and Conley Jones Sr., the creators of the “dinner theatre” concept. The Greensboro location, which opened in 1964, was among the first in a chain of 27 dinner theatres with the same name. 

Shows were originally cast and staged at Wolfe’s studio in New York City, and then sent out to individual theatres. In the early days the cast of each performance not only acted on stage but also worked as wait-staff for tips before the show. They resided in living quarters, small rooms with shared bath and kitchen facilities, above the theatre for the duration of the production.

These living quarters still remain, however with the passing of time we now use them as our Box Office, Group Sales Office, and dressing rooms. Our staff and actors greatly appreciate the separation of duties as well. 

Two locations remain today: The Barn Dinner Theatre here in Greensboro, NC and Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre in Nashville, TN. We are proud to be the oldest continuously running dinner theatre in America. 

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