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Upcoming Auditions

Click the PDF button to download our Actor Information Sheet which will be used during Auditions.

If you are unable to print and bring this form with you then you may fill it out upon arrival.

• Date & Time: 

          • Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sign in: 4:00 pm

Auditions begin promptly: 4:15 pm

• Director:

          • Matthew C. Bradshaw

• Venue: The Barn Dinner Theatre

               120 Stage Coach Trail, Greensboro, NC

• Pay: Yes (rehearsals & performance)


• Affiliation: Non-Union


• Housing: None

• Seeking:

          • 4 Man

          • 5 Woman


• Prepare:

          • Bring 2 copies of your Headshot & Resume.

          • Prepare a short old time Gospel song (1 minute or less) to be sung acapella or with tracks if you                provide them

          • Scripts will be provided for cold reads.

• Show Synopsis:

It's time to celebrate Unity Day at the Harmony Valley Church, and as usual the congregation is anything but unified. Delbert, Bernadine, Mother Duncan, and all the rest are back in this laugh-filled sequel to PEACE IN THE VALLEY with songs like "I'll Fly Away", "We Gather Together", "Blessed Assurance", "Heavenly Sunlight", and "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms". In these times, this PEACE is just what we need - an inspiring, uplifting musical comedy!


The Old Soul • The spirit of one of the founders of Harmony Valley Church. He gave the first sermons there and has been looking after the church and its congregation since his passing. Grandfatherly, wise and kindly Andy Griffith- type character.

Zula Huey • Choir master, current Pork Queen, married to Delbert and a rival of Bernadine since they were children. She didn’t marry quite as “high” as she expected so she makes up for it in volume and bossiness.

Delbert Huey • Big and rather clumsy, but a nice guy. He is the head deacon at Harmony Valley Church and has been told what to do when all his life, first by his mother and then by Zula. He is the “Hardy” to Pood’s “Laurel”.

Bernadine Hazelwader • Church Treasurer, she has gotten every post and title she’s ever wanted except Pork Queen. Wealthier than most, she married for love and has been ignored by her side of the family ever since. Is at her best in her rivalry with Zula.

Wilford Hazelwader • Choir member and deacon. Slight, round-shouldered, easy-going man who runs a successful chain of dry cleaners (two). He has gotten used to the trauma and drama inflicted on him by being married to a would-be socialite, and usually makes the best of things he can’t control.

Pood Cooper • Sweeps up at the barber shop; simple, almost childlike, salt of the earth. He is not the most intelligent member of the congregation, and yet he has the ability to memorize incredible amounts of what seems to others to be “useless information”.

Coach Cooper • Pood’s younger brother, industrial arts teacher, and coach of the Junior High Bulldogs.
Attends church regularly, though it took him many years to come forward to be Baptized and become a fully realized member pf the congregation.

Blossom Cooper • Coach’s wife, she accompanies the choir and sings. Everybody likes her and respects her. Somehow she has managed to stay out of Bernadine and Zula’s way, and is the person everyone can go to with a problem or for advice. She is thrilled that Sally has gotten married to the new pastor and even more thrilled that she is about to become a grandma.

Sally Cooper Worthing • Blossom and Coach’s daughter. First grade teacher. VERY pregnant and uncomfortable. Loves her husband and family very much but her patience has gotten a little shorter with the expectant birth of her first child. Though “cranky” she has remained a child at heart which lets her see the best in every situation (usually).

Ruthie Quillen • Divorced, church janitor, tomboy daughter of Hubert. She has never been one to voice an opinion among “the ladies” and ever since “the divorce” has seldom been asked, though she is gaining more and more recog- nition from the “inner circles”.

• Performance Dates - highlighted in pink on calendar below. Please note that Tuesday performances are matinees at 1pm, Friday & Saturday performances are at 6pm. 

(please do not call the box office, they do not have any additional information other than what is provided here.)

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